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Whiskey and Philosophy


Whiskey and Philosophy: A Small Batch of Spirited Ideas
Wiley | 2009 | ISBN: 0470431210, 0470615605, 0470615613 | 384 pages | PDF | 1,4 MB
houghtful essays on the history, significance, and pleasures of whiskey

Everyone becomes a philosopher with a drink in hand, but Whiskey & Philosophy takes this natural pairing to a new level. It explores a range of philosophical topics related to whiskey through engaging reflections written by philosophers, whiskey writers, and others.

You will learn things that are both practical (how do tasting notes vary across guides and whiskey brands?) and thought provoking (why is there the popular conception that drinking whiskey makes people mean, and is it true?). Whether your interest lies in the drink itself or in the philosophical issues surrounding it, you'll find something to interest you in this unusual book.

•Covers subjects ranging from geographical origin to stylistic differences between whiskey and Scotch
•Explores philosophical ideas such as the aesthetics, metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics of whiskey and whiskey drinking
•Includes contributions from academics, journalists, and whiskey specialists, all written in an engaging and accessible style
Whether you prefer your whiskey neat or in a Manhattan, from the United States, Scotland, or elsewhere, Whiskey & Philosophy is your perfect drinking companion.

From the Back Cover
"After decades of cut–and–paste offerings on the subject, this book is a must–read for anyone interested in whisk(e)y—whether single malt, bourbon, or anything else—and all that makes it truly unique."
—Jim McEwan, Production Director, Bruichladdich Distillery

"Does being a philosopher require an appreciation of good whiskey or does having an appreciation of good whiskey make one philosophical? Whichever is the case, Whiskey & Philosophy makes for a thought–provoking and thirst–inducing read. Cheers!"
—Chris Morris, Master Distiller, Woodford Reserve Distillery

"Whiskey & Philosophy contains a panacea of spiritual pleasure waiting to be enjoyed and shared. Many books have been written about whiskey, but few take you as deep into its inner world. It is an enlightening journey, and one that crosses boundaries and opens new doors. This is indeed a book that unlocks a treasure chest of pure liquid gold to the whiskey enthusiast."
—Richard Paterson, Master Blender, Whyte and Mackay Ltd.

Whiskey & Philosophy explores the heart and soul of this heady potation in a lively collection of essays from philosophers, other academics, and whiskey writers. From the first reference to Scotch in 1494 in the records of King James IV of Scotland to Hillary Clinton tossing back that famous shot of Crown Royal during the 2008 campaign, this spirited book captures the history of whiskey, its various forms, and associated philosophical issues.

The talk is lively, the opinions run high, and Whiskey & Philosophy is a satisfying blend. Open and enjoy.

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