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Global Wine Markets, 1961 to 2003: A Statistical Compendium


Need to know how other exporting countries are doing in your growth markets abroad? Or how wine is competing in the market for alcoholic beverages? Or which countries are most rapidly upgrading the quality of their wine imports? These and a thousand other such questions can now be readily answered with the help of this new statistical compendium. Among other things, the Compendium exposes the extent to which the world's various wine markets are structurally adjusting. Until 15 years ago, wine exporting was an almost exclusively European activity. Since then, however, California and several southern hemisphere countries (Australia, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, and New Zealand) have begun to challenge that European dominance. With these major changes, and with a new round of WTO-sponsored multilateral trade negotiations (the Doha Development Agenda) getting under way, there is a greater need than ever for systematic analysis of the world's markets for wine. An essential prerequisite for such analysis is a thorough understanding of past trends and recent developments. To that end this statistical compendium brings together data from a wide range of national and international sources and summarizes them in ways that make it easy to see trends over time and draw comparisons across countries.

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